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Product Code: XB321
Title: Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?: The Mormon Church Versus The Office of The Presidency of the United States of America
Author: Tricia Erickson
Publisher: WestBow Press
List Price: $22.95
Our Price: $21.00
Date: 2011
Pages: 305
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From back cover:

Tricia, as a former Mormon Bishop's daughter and Mormon wife, went through the cultic, violent arid bizarre Mormon secret temple ceremonies of which Mitt and Ann Romney continue to attend to this day. As a former Mormon, it took Tricia many years to deprogram herself from the lies, strange ceremonies and strategic misinformation that continues to be fed to all Mormons.

Tricia is President of Crisis Management, Incorporated and a media, political and image consultant. She has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows on the subjects of Mormonism, Image Projection, Islam, All Things Political and more.

This nation cannot afford to make another mistake in 2012. By the next Presidential Election, our country will not even resemble what our forefathers fought for in order that we as a nation could prosper and enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The recent change of power in congress, the hopeful change in the senate and the upcoming presidential election is the only hope we have of turning our country back to the Constitution and to the great nation it once was.

If you read this book, you will know why Mitt Romney is not "the one" to lead us out of the recession, much less, to put our country back together.

With what is at stake, it is essential to gain knowledge of Romney's record as a public servant and the shocking beliefs of this man who could become our next president.

If the American people posses the information in this book, it very well may avert a similar fate suffered under the Obama Administration and clear the way for an authentic and trustworthy candidate to take the very office that is crucial to lead us back to the nation that once was, and still could be.

Table of Contents


Part 1 — Spiritual Portion


  1. Mormon History That, As a Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney Does Not Want You to Know
  2. "The Blood Trail"
  3. Where Does Mitt Romeny's Loyalty Lie?
  4. Mitt's Secretive Oaths, Allegiance, Covenants, Pledges to Death Penalties, and Commitments to the Mormon Church—And Its Bizarre Temple Rituals and Beliefs
  5. Mitt Will Try to Hide the Outrageous Racism Against the Black Race Taught Through His Church's Doctrine
  6. Is the Mormon Church a Christian Denomination or a Cult?
  7. If Mitt Lives in Deception, Should We Not Question His Judgment to Discern the Truth in All Dominion of The Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America?

Part 2 — Political Portion

  1. The Mormon Church and Its Image Machine: A Clean-Cut Corporation
  2. Mormons In Politics
  3. Politics in the Family, Like Father, Like Son: George and Mitt Romney
  4. The White Horse: Salt Lake City and the Olympics
  5. Romney as Governor
  6. The 2008 Presidential Campaign: The Mormons, Mitt, and DeMoss
  7. Romney Reinvents Himself Yet Again


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