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Product Code: XB108
Title: An American Prophet's Record: The Diaries and Journals of Joseph Smith
Author: Ed. Scott H. Faulring
Publisher: Signature Books
List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $18.00
Date: 1989
Pages: 518
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Contains all of Joseph Smith's diaries and journals.

Table of Contents

A Joseph Smith Chronology
Prominent Characters
A Joseph Smith Bibliography


  1. Autobiographical Sketch, 1832—"A History of the life of Joseph Smith, Jr."
  2. Diary and Journal, 1832-34—"Joseph Smith, Jr. Record Book"
  3. Diary and Journal, 1835-36—"Sketch Book for the use of Joseph Smith, Jr."
  4. Journal, 1838—"The Scriptory Book of Joseph Smith, Jr."
  5. Journal, 1838-39—"James Mulholland M' Joseph Smith['s] Jour[n]al"
  6. Journal, 1839—"Minute Book, 1839 J[oseph] Smith's Journal
  7. Journal, ca. 1841-43—"The Book of the Law of the Lord"—Excerpts
  8. Journal, 1842-43—"President Joseph Smith's Journal 1843 As kept by Willard Richards"
  9. Journal, 1843
  10. Journal, 1843-44
  11. Journal, 1844—"President Joseph Smith['s] Journal Kept by W[illard] Richards Vol[ume] 4"

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