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Product Code: DB016
Title: Tracking the White Salamander [PDF Digital Book]

Also contains: The Mormon Church and the McLellin Collection
Author: Jerald and Sandra Tanner
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $8.00
Date: 2017
Pages: 351
Additional Info: Includes Confessions of a White Salamander: An Analysis of Mark Hofmann's Disclosures Concerning How He Forged Mormon Documents and Murdered Two People

Physical Book Version Available
Sample PDF: Sample PDF of Tracking the White Salamander

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Shows how Jerald's belief that Hofmann's documents were forged was confirmed by investigators. Discusses the various forged documents (includes photos) and the sources Hofmann used to come up with his ideas. Also contains Confessions of a White Salamander (deals with Hofmann's conviction and statements to the attorneys) at no extra charge.

Now also includes The Mormon Church and the McLellin Collection, which shows how church leaders deliberately suppressed a "key" item (the McLellin Collection) in the Hofmann murder-forgery case. Also gives information on ex-Apostle McLellin's writings against the church.

Table of Contents


  1. The Salamander Murders
  2. The Case Against Hofmann
  3. The McLellin Deception
  4. The Church's Involvement
  5. The Ink that Cracked
  6. The Documents Examined
  7. Mark and Joseph
  1. More on the Salamander Letter
  2. Boren's White Frog
  3. A Strange Offer
  4. Three or Four Bombs?
  5. Mark Hofmann Is "Deep Throat"
  6. Hofmann Confesses

Confessions of a White Salamander

  1. A Deadly Salamander
  2. The Salamander Letter
  3. Fooling the Church and the Experts
  4. Blackmail-like Documents
  5. Good and Bad Forgeries
  6. The Church's Wound

The Mormon Church and the McLellin Collection

McLellin's Secrets
Turley's Bombshell!
Suppressing Evidence
A Very Bad Example
Hinckley Not Called
A Dangerous Gamble
The Plea Bargain
Difficult to Believe
Serious Implications
What's In The Vault?
The Cowdery History
Masking Information
Testing The Prophets
Hofmann's Tales About The McLellin Collection
Didn't Have Collection
Attempted Blackmail?
Spalding-Rigdon Scare
Important Discovery
Imaginary Collection
The Real McLellin
Fear of McLellin
An Affair In The Barn?
A False Revelation
Revelations Altered
"A Base Forgery"
Angelic Visitations?
No Endowment?
McLellin's 55 Reasons
McLellin's Followers

Appendix—Mark Hofmann's Own Confession Regarding The McLellin Collection

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