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Product Code: DB005
Title: Curse of Cain? Racism in the Mormon Church [PDF Digital Book]
Author: Jerald and Sandra Tanner
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse
Price: $2.00
Date: 2013
Pages: 126
Additional Info: Physical Book Version Available
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This study outlines the development of racial teachings in the LDS Church from its founding in 1830 to the present.

Table of Contents

Racism in the Book of Mormon
Who are the Lamanites?
Dark and Loathsome?
Lamanites and DNA
Israelites and Gentiles
Book of Moses
Trouble in Missouri
Book of Abraham
Book of Abraham from Papyrus?
Doctrine of Pre-Existence
Patriarchal Blessings
Changing the Blood
Seed of Cain
A Black Devil?
Apostates Become Black?
Through the Flood
"Death on the Spot"
Segregated Blood
Early Black Converts
       Black Pete
       Elijah Abel
       Abel’s Descendants
       Walker Lewis
       Jane Manning James
       William McCary
       Samuel D. Chambers
Slaves in Utah Territory
       Green Flake
       Hark Lay
       Oscar Crosby
       Betsy Crosby
Twentieth Century Attitudes
Blacks not Proselytized
Summary of LDS Teaching on Blacks
Mission to Nigeria
Civil Rights
Martin Luther King
Is King a Mormon?
BYU Boycotted
First Presidency Statement
First Presidency Statement
Problems Increase
Blacks at BYU
Vigilante Groups
The Mormon Choir
Genesis Group
Boy Scouts
Protest by Douglas Wallace
Officer Olson Shot
Byron Marchant
Problems in Brazil
Will Pressure Bring Change?
The 1978 Announcement
Brigham Young Misrepresented
Polygamists Oppose Giving Priesthood to Blacks
Revelation Sustained at Fall Conference
How Did the Revelation Come?
What Constitutes Revelation?
Fighting Racism
Missionaries to Brazil
Work in Ghana
Minorities in Leadership
George P. Lee
Helvecio Martins
Prominent Black Converts to Mormonism
       Eldridge Cleaver
       Gladys Knight
       Thurl Bailey
Current Attitudes

Appendix A
       Brigham Young’s Address to Legislature Feb. 5, 1852
       Wilford Woodruff’s Account of B. Young's Address
Appendix B
       Mark E. Petersen's Address on August 27, 1954 at BYU
       Race Problems—As They Affect The Church
Appendix C
       Joseph Fielding Smith letter to Joseph H. Henderson
       Joseph Fielding Smith letter to Morris L. Reynolds
Appendix D
       Genealogical Records of Prominent Black Activists

Selected Bibliography

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